3 Ways To Convert Pinterest Followers To Your List

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Omaha Town Square wants to help you convert Pinterest followers! Are you having trouble seeing results from your efforts on Pinterest? Trust us you are not alone! Many Omaha business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs utilize this ever so popular social media platform, but aren’t really sure how to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. Today’s article offers 3 easy ways to convert Pinterest visitors to your email list! Once you have solid strategies in place to get these visitors into your sales funnel, you can use Pinterest with confidence knowing all your hard work is going to pay off!

  1. Create a dedicated landing page just for your Pinterest followers.

Whenever you direct your Pinterest visitors to your website, make sure you are sending them to a landing page customized just for them. On your landing page copy, be sure to recognize and acknowledge that your visitors are from Pinterest.

(For example, “Omaha Town Square would like to welcome our new Pinterest followers”).

The most important element of this page will be your opt-in incentive(s). Make sure the landing page includes a compelling offer that will entice them to sign up for your email list; this could be a coupon, a white paper, or anything else that would make them want to hand over their email address.

  1. Create and post a compelling video greeting on your landing page.

Making the assumption you have now set up a landing page for your Pinterest followers, creating a video greeting or brief introduction can be a very effective way to build an immediate personal connection with your Pinterest visitors. A simple greeting or brief personal introduction can go a long way towards building your email list.  For example, “Sign up now and Omaha Town Square will send you a list of the top free appetizers in Omaha!”


  1. Take pictures of protected content and share them on Pinterest.

If your business offers ‘gated’ or protected content on your site – like white papers, videos, or coupons – take screenshots and share them on your Pinterest account. This strategy may pique the curiosity of your Pinterest followers, and give them a little taste of what they might get by joining your email list.

There you go, Omaha! 3 simple ways to convert Pinterest followers to your email list!

Do you already have an effective marketing strategy in place to convert your Pinterest followers to your email list? Share your best tips with Omaha Town Square below!

Omaha Town Square is a premier social media management firm headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. 


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