Complete Comfort Blesses Widow Who Could Not Afford HVAC System

Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling’s Furnace Giveaway

A Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling truck drove up to Deb’s Council Bluffs home. It was the coolest – and warmest – unexpected blessing for the widow in a long, long time. Deb was receiving a new Bryant furnace, and after Complete Comfort owner Jeff Ockinga and several of his certified technicians checked out her air-conditioning unit, they gave her a new one, too.

Deb was the winner of Complete Comfort’s Fall Furnace Giveaway, having been nominated by someone who knew her difficult circumstances. Thirteen months earlier, in September 2017, Deb’s husband lost his 20-year battle with cancer. His death also meant the end of her health insurance. With the medical bills stacked up, Deb suffered a serious fall that required back surgery and even more bills. Home repairs, including a failing HVAC system, were forced to the back-burner. Deb’s Fall Furnace Giveaway nominator noted all of those things in the letter to Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling.

When Jeff and his award-winning crew evaluated the Fall Furnace Giveaway nominations, the one for Deb stood out above all others. “Home repairs had come in second to health-expense issues, and once we inspected her furnace from the 1980s, we found it was not operating safely or efficiently. Deb had strongly supported her late husband during his fight with cancer. Our team felt honored and privileged to install a new furnace for such a strong, supportive person,” said Jeff, who has owned Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling for 20 years.

Complete Comfort Operations Manager Alex B. said the entire 12-employee team felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. “We were thrilled. We are always on the listening end of bad situations homeowners are facing with their HVAC systems. This was cool because we were initiating the contact and helping someone who was going to try to make do for another year because of her financial situation. It was a real surprise to her.”

Complete Comfort HVACAlex explained: “Jeff, our owner, came up with the idea of a Fall Furnace Giveaway in 2014, and it was a huge success that year for a working mom and her three children. This time, the Fall Furnace Giveaway meant a lot to Deb, but doing this meant a lot to us, too. If we can help anyone with heating and cooling, it’s priceless. We redid everything from the top down. Her late husband was very handy and did home repairs. He had rigged up a mower to get the AC unit started. We offer a full year of coverage that includes maintenance. We will be touching base with her to check the air conditioning when that season starts.”

Omaha marketing entrepreneur Joe Kenney said Complete Comfort’s benevolent efforts in the community are a reflection of Jeff, his employees and their consistent, rock-solid values.

“Jeff’s been in business for more than 20 years, including the past 4½ years in their location at 6235 South 90th Street. Complete Comfort is close to any Omaha- or Council Bluffs-area home. From the very beginning in 1998, Jeff had a vision to treat customers right, and he knew they would spread the word and keep coming back. If a furnace or AC unit needs to be replaced, Jeff and the guys will do it fast and economically, but Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling also will fix what can be repaired. The bottom line is keeping everyone safe, giving them options and then back it up with expert service,” said Joe, the founder of 316 Strategy Group.

Jeff offered a final word on Deb’s situation: “We hope the furnace installation will give her peace of mind in the face of such adversity. If we can be a blessing, that’s what we want to do.”

“We hope the furnace installation will give her peace of mind in the face of such adversity. If we can be a blessing, that’s what we want to do.” ~ Jeff Ockinga

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