Grant Mussman | Omaha’s Good Neighbor

(Grant Mussman is pictured with Krishna Kandel & Purna Biswakarma , officers of the Nebraska Nepalese Society, and Joseph Kenney of 316 Strategy Group.)

The Omaha community, while large, is quite tight knit and it commonly referred to as the big city that feels like a small town. We think that is largely due to the support and kindness the citizens offer throughout the metro area.

If you’ve ever had a chance to meet Grant Mussman, you know he’s a first-class example of community support. If you haven’t met him, make it a point to. Grant is a local State Farm agent entrenched in Omaha’s civic groups, nonprofits, community programs, and professional affiliations, all for the sake of expanding his horizons, extending gratitude to a community that has wholeheartedly welcomed him, and improving the place he calls home.

A desire to help others and serve his community was a part of life for Grant from early on. His dad has been a State Farm agent in Fremont for over three decades, so Grant experienced first-hand what it meant to be there when someone is in need. He realized that through a career like his dad’s, he could make a difference in the lives of people every day.

A natural born leader, Grant found that others consistently encouraged him to be the leader in most areas of his childhood. From being 6th Trumpet to being selected Band President, to growing as a cub scout to earning the rank of Eagle Scout while growing up in Fremont, Grant has learned to use his leadership skills to benefit others. Not only can he step in and take up the task of leading others, he does it all with a clear sense of humility. “I respect everyone and the path they’re on. I haven’t walked in their shoes,” he said.

“I respect everyone and the path they’re on. I haven’t walked in their shoes.” Grant Mussman

As a man who values faith and family, Grant is active in his church and volunteers in various capacities to help where needed. He is active in the Kiwanis, involved in the Nepalese Society, and supports the local arts community contributing to the Omaha Community Playhouse and The Apollon through financial support and community promotion of their productions and special events. Hundreds of individuals each year enjoy reduced prices on tickets to concerts and theater productions because of his generosity. Grant is a fan of all types of arts from music, to theater, to multimedia, to dance. His well-rounded appreciation of the arts and civic organizations naturally leads to his commitment to supporting nonprofits and promoting their causes to help provide more awareness for them and benefits for those who need the services.

Community involvement isn’t simply a few hours of volunteer work for Grant, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. A passion that is clear and contagious. A lifestyle that is evident in everything from his family life to the way his team at State Farm interacts. His team is valued and cared for and that doesn’t come from great effort – it comes from an innate disposition. To Grant, everyone is a friend and he likes to be the first one to lend a helping hand to those in need. Recently, State Farm launched a new site, which helps connect individuals to nonprofits in their community with which they can connect for volunteer and other supportive opportunities. It’s one more way Grant’s career intertwines with his personal values and that he can enjoy even more ways to help the community by encouraging everyone to find a cause that resonates with them to get involved with.

A lifelong learner, Grant takes opportunities to learn about the things he doesn’t have experience with and to connect with people and organizations that he can learn from and provide value to. Grant shared, “The greatest compliment someone can give me is to ask my advice about something.” His dedication to building a thriving community has already been felt among the people and organizations he has touched. Keep an eye on this one. He’s barely scratched the surface of his impact on Omaha.

“The greatest compliment someone can give me is to ask my advice about something.” Grant Mussman

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