Hustad Companies: Restoring A Community

Restoring a Community

The true success of a business goes far beyond the bottom line.  It is the impact that it has on its community that makes the real difference, and by that measure, Hustad Companies is at the top of the list.  

Last summer, nearly 2,000 homes were impacted by two damaging tornados that ripped through southeastern Sarpy county.  One of those June 20th twisters registered as an EF-2 with winds up to 135 Mph and left the Rising View housing development in shreds.  Shortly thereafter, the same area already affected by the tornados was hammered by a devastating hail storm that further damaged the homes causing damage to nearly every home’s roof, siding, gutters and windows.  The Rising View development’s management company, Burlington Capital, was facing what seemed to be an insurmountable restoration project and they knew that it would require the services of a nationally respected contractor rather than an army of smaller companies and crews.  The logistics of such a project would be incredibly complex.

They looked no further than to Hustad Companies, located right here in Omaha, with the confidence and certainty that they could lead and service a project of this scope from inspection to completion.  “Hustad Companies Inc. proved to be an outstanding resource and delivered on an aggressive schedule to replace or repair roofs and additional exterior repairs.” said Dominic Vaccaro, President, Real Estate, of Burlington Capital. Their level of expertise and quality is unparalleled when dealing with a project of such a massive scope.”

Photo Credit: Herbert Studios 2017

Hustad Companies led and completed the mammoth project following the summer of 2017 storms that left nearly $14 million dollars in property damage in their wake.  Vaccaro added that Hustad “…Responded to storm damage resulting from two tornados and a major hail storm affecting our nearly 2,000 home community.”  With customer service and the welfare of their customers at the forefront, Christopher Pfanstiel, Director of Business Development, Hustad Companies, added that they were able to deal with extremely complex insurance negotiations and were able to recover an additional $4 million worth of restoration costs in addition to original estimates on behalf of their home-owners.  “Most importantly…” Vaccaro added “…they have delivered a great product and taken extensive care to minimize the inconvenience our residents”

They have delivered a great product and taken extensive care to minimize the inconvenience our residents.

After 45 years in business and over 10 million square feet of roofing systems completed, Hustad is among the country’s most trusted roofing contractors for both residential and commercial projects. No job is too small or too large for Hustad Companies, and the customer’s satisfaction is their top priority.

Photo Credit: Herbert Studios 2017

Having completed what is believed to be the largest steep-slope roofing project in US history, Hustad Companies did far more than repair homes.  Their timely service, quality work and attention to the needs of their clients and residents provided comfort and assurance to an entire community that had been devastated.