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As the new year begins to take shape, we’re usually still quite focused on our resolutions. But let’s face it, reality is that it’s hard to develop new habits. Especially when they take us out of our comfort zone. By year end, we’ve become somewhat accustomed to eating high sugar foods, lounging in our sweatpants, and generally hibernating because it’s dark and cold. Come January, it’s still dark and cold and there’s no motivation in that.

What if we were to look at our resolutions and new lifestyle from a different viewpoint? What if we allowed ourselves a little grace by intertwining short-term goals into our long term goals? Take a look at your list of resolutions. Does it say things like “lose 20 pounds,” “exercise 6 days per week,” “only eat fresh food”? What if that list changed to say things like “walk into 9Round,” “complete 3 workouts this week,” “eat at home 3 nights this week”?

Kylee Hudson, co-owner of two 9Round Fitness locations in Omaha, let me in on a little secret recently. “You don’t have to exercise on day one,” she said. “Walk in the door on day one. Gyms can make people uncomfortable.” She explained that if a person has never been inside a fitness center, or if it’s been a long time, the best way to get on the right track is to get to know the place. Like we do in developing any long-term relationship, it takes time to become familiar and comfortable, and to put in the work to maintain an enduring bond. A current 9Round member drove by for 6 months and couldn’t bring herself to walk in, but she finally did it and now she is on a consistent exercise plan. You’re off the hook for your first day. Just walk in the door.


When we change how we approach our goals, we give ourselves an opportunity to be successful and to actually put a check mark next to items on your list each week. Once those initial goals are met, then add a workout to the week, or add another night of eating at home. If you can’t add an extra day, that’s okay too. “It’s more important to be consistent instead of all in,” Kylee said. “Higher success rates in lifestyle changes happen when the goals and expectations aren’t overwhelming.”

Higher success rates in lifestyle changes happen when the goals and expectations aren’t overwhelming. ~ Kylee Hudson

Anthony & Kylee Hudson

Let’s talk about that number on the scale. Maybe we don’t need to worry about the number on the scale. A natural result of exercising and making healthier food choices is weight loss. Instead of setting a magic number, consider making it your goal to feel healthier or to have your clothes fit better. Removing that hard and fast number might also contribute to your success, at least for the first month or two. Consider returning to the goal of a certain number of pounds to lose once you’ve developed healthier habits since you’ll be more established in your quest. 

The moral of the story is, if it’s January 12 and you’re just now reading this, it’s not too late and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. A healthy lifestyle can be pursued any time of year, not just January 1.

The only requirement is the commitment to walk in the door.

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