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Chris’ Carpet Care in Omaha: Personal Service You Can Tread On

A Fresh Start Backed by Experience

Chris Bair has been in the carpet cleaning business as an owner, manager and employee for 20 years. After serving in two high-profile companies in Omaha, he ventured out on his own because he witnessed two practices that didn’t match his understanding of personal and business ethics. The first was the notion, “We don’t have time to actually clean carpet; we just up the pressure on the truck mount extractor and drive the dirt through the carpet.” The second was using the same cleaner in all situations, ignoring the industrial standards established by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Chris wanted to do the job right. He wanted to be professional and honest in his work. He started Chris’ Carpet Care in 2001 and Heartland Bio Cleaning Services in 2004.

Professional Work and the Power Wand

To set himself apart from the competition, Chris created the slogan “Experience the Difference” to describe the personal, professional and positive service he provides. In every encounter with a client, Chris inspects the area to be cleaned, estimates the price, sets reasonable expectations and works to achieve the desired results.

Chris has taken IICRC professional courses in carpet cleaning, carpet repair and re-installation, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning, and water damage restoration. He follows four guidelines for effective carpet cleaning, summarized by the acronym CHAT.

Chemical – Use the right cleaners for the right situation. Use quality cleaning agents produced according to industrial standards that are safe for the home, the occupants and the environment.

Heat – Water temperature must be hot, but not steaming. Steam cleaning is a myth in this business. “If we actually cleaned with steam,” Chris said, “99% of carpets would be ruined.”

Agitation – Agitate the carpet prior to, during and after cleaning.

Time – Give the cleaning agents a chance to dwell and loosen the dirt.

Chris uses a special piece of equipment that sets him apart and makes these four elements work together. The Rotovac Power Wand is a unique scrub wand that has two rotors on it that spin counter to each other.

“The result of this small machine is amazing,” Chris said. “It picks up the carpet fibers, cleans around them and leaves the carpet looking cleaner longer. If you have a pet that runs free in the house, you will, upon completion, be able to see where the pet walks because foot prints will be in the carpet.”

After having her carpet cleaned, one of Chris’ clients said, “You should have named your business “Fluffy’s” because what you do fluffs up my carpet.” Now every time she calls she says, “It’s time to come and fluff my carpet.”

“Even men notice the difference, and that is saying a lot!” Chris added.

“When men come home after a long day and the carpet is cleaned and they can see and notice a difference, then I have done my job with excellence.”

The Heart of Bio Cleaning

About three years after starting Chris’ Carpet Care, Chris ventured into the bio cleaning industry, creating Heartland Bio Cleaning Services. He serves clients who have had a traumatic event occur in their home or business. These events include injuries, death, crime scene accidents, illnesses, or anything to do with blood or bodily fluids. Chris likes to say, “We clean what you won’t.”

When asked why he does this line of work, Chris replied, “No one certified does it in Omaha. It allows me to use a unique education that I have.” Chris is a bio-technician certified by the Bio Cleaning Services of America, Inc.

That unique education also involves an active Christian faith that informs his business ethics. When Chris was a young man, he became a follower of Jesus. He modeled his ethics on the Boy Scout code of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

“I was a good citizen,” Chris recalls, “but an upperclassman said to me, ‘Jesus isn’t looking for good citizenship; he is looking for your heart.’ I eventually gave my heart to Jesus.”

What followed was a long journey that led Chris to become a professional scout executive, a manager for an industrial cleaning company and eventually a Christian pastor. After a serious of unfortunate circumstances, including the death of his 4-month-old son due to SIDS, he left ministry work and started the cleaning services.

“In part, I started Heartland Bio Cleaning Services because I know firsthand the trauma and grief involved in losing a loved one,” Chris said. “Because of my experience, education, training and the gifts God has given me, I believe I am uniquely qualified to not only clean up a mess like this, but to serve people with compassion in a time of great need.”

Let the Cleaning Begin

As a small business owner, all of Chris’ carpet cleaning jobs are done by him personally. Bio-cleaning sometimes requires extra hands, but he supervises all on-site work. In most cases, Chris is available for next-day service. Reasonable pricing corresponds to his time, talent and expertise.

Chris’ Carpet Care and Heartland Bio Cleaning Services is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and closed on Sunday. On Sundays Chris responds to emergency cleanups only (usually bio cleanups). In an emergency Chris can be on site in two hours if necessary. For an estimate or to schedule service, you can email Chris at or call 402-592-7017. In an emergency please call 402-616-3810.

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