Gina V Physical Therapy Calls Papillion Home!

Gina V Physical Therapy in Papillion, Nebraska is your hometown physical therapy clinic where they facilitate a positive experience focusing on your physical health and the therapist/patient relationship that is crucial to your treatment success.

Gina Vanderheiden, DPT, ATC, started GinaV Physical Therapy to create an atmosphere where patients enjoy coming to therapy and feel comfortable to do so. Gina wanted to build her clinic in Papillion, NE so she can work in the same community in which she lives to keep that “small town” feeling alive.

Degrees in both physical therapy and athletic training uniquely equip Gina to handle all medical ailments ranging from sports injuries, back and neck pain, and orthopedic care. Gina is also one of the few physical therapists in the metro area that is certified to perform Functional Dry Needling® (FDN); FDN is an innovative new treatment that focuses on certain trigger points in the body that will help relieve acute and chronic pain, and help accelerate an individual’s rehabilitation.

“Gina is the best Physical Therapist!! I worked with Gina for 5 years and seen nothing but the best outcomes!! She takes the worst situation that a patient is trying to overcome and has always turned it into positives for them!! I highly recommend Gina V. PT, for your next physical therapy needs!!”
– Julie

Services At Gina V Physical Therapy in Papillion

  • Orthopedic disorders
  • Joint Rehab
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Functional Dry Needling
  • Manual Therapy
  • Traumatic Conditions
  • Work Injuries
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Balance programs
  • Postural Deviations
  • Fitness Programs
  • Work conditioning


“Gina’s knowledge of PT has helped my entire family with different issues and she is very passionate for helping people. She is the best in class, I highly recommend her!”
– Liz

Gina V Physical Therapy Specializes in Functional Dry Needling

Suffering from a sports injury, work injury or other chronic pain?

Functional Dry Needling brings lasting relief for a broad range of neuromuscular dysfunction.

Following injuries or other degenerative processes, many patients suffer from muscular tightness and spasm. This often leads to compression and, irritation of the nerves exiting the spine. When those nerves are irritated, they cause a protective spasm of all the muscles to which they are connected. This natural response from the body attempting to protect itself frequently results in referral pain.

This referral pain can lead to secondary dysfunction such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis, decreased mobility, chronic pain and a range of other disorders. Dry needling is a highly effective treatment that identifies the source of the pain and advancing a small filament needle into the related muscles, eliciting a twitch response and then relaxing of the muscle.

The identification and stimulation of these trigger points can “reboot” the muscle to alleviate both the original problem area as well as the secondary pain. Many patients experience dramatic pain relief and improved function in just a few treatments, often with lasting relief.

Physical Therapy Location in Papillion, Nebraska

114 E 1st Street, Suite 105
Papillion, Nebraska

Gina V Physical Therapy Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri.: 7am-6pm
Tue & Thurs: 8am-5pm

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Phone: 402-933-2010
Fax: 402-933-3050

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