Omaha Designers Bringing Spaces to Life

Omaha Designers Bringing Spaces to Life

Curt Hofer and Associates have been changing the landscape of luxury home building throughout the Omaha / Metro area for more than two decades.  The name is synonymous with quality and timeless design.  Curt Hofer and Associates has not only maintained the reputation of the area’s leading custom luxury home builder, but has continued to surpass their own extraordinary expectations while exceeding their clients’ dreams with each new home.

With a dedicated team of industry leading professionals, Hofer and Associates builds on their success one home at a time while remaining true to their belief that great homes don’t just happen…

“…Great custom homes don’t just happen.  Great custom homes are the result of a process that is built by people and their talents – whether your project includes a new custom home, home remodeling project, or addition…” – Curt Hofer and Associates

The Hofer team delivers unmatched quality and takes tremendous pride in their ability to listen to a client’s wants and needs.  After all, they are bringing dreams to life, and doing so with exceptional design and attention to detail.

Marshall Wallman, Vice President of Design, recently shared his insight into some design trends in the Omaha / Metro area, which include what he describes as a “lighter” clean feel, both architecturally speaking and within interior design.  Courtney Ott is an interior designer and owner of the Modern Hive, and she mirrors those same thoughts.  “Modern design is clean, with a nod towards natural light and ‘new-urban’ aesthetics” she said.

Both Wallman and Ott indicated that when it comes to color choices, various tones of whites and greys are extremely popular in the latest trends, as are open concepts.  Wallman added that “Open concept plans are still at the top of the list for both modest custom homes and large elaborate custom homes.”

“Homes are designed with every room to have a purpose…” Wallman pointed out.  “Clients are asking for their homes to be designed for how they will use them.  If a client uses a large formal dining room, they will ask for a formal dining room… the same goes for studies, offices and number of bedroom and bathrooms.”  A Curt Hofer and Associates home is truly custom, and the team takes great pride in their ability to listen to the client and deliver on the concept.

Wallman also indicated that outdoor spaces and rooms that have an outdoor feel are high on the priority list among Hofer’s clients, and this does not exclude large garage spaces.  For many homeowners, the garage is no longer simply a space to store your vehicle.  Garages now double as workspaces, lounges and entertaining space.

Whether it’s a clean, updated and traditional style a client may be after, or a casual contemporary feel, Curt Hofer and Associates continues to be the Omaha area’s leader in design, quality and craftsmanship.  They are unsurpassed and continue to set the standard of quality in the Omaha metro area.

Courtney Ott The Modern Hive Design Studio

Courtney Ott, Interior Designer and Owner of The Modern Hive Design Studio

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