Shop Local | Omaha Town Square’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Council Bluffs, Lincoln, & Omaha Featured in This Year’s Gift Guide.

Omaha Town Square presents five diverse gift ideas from four top-notch Omaha- and Lincoln-area small businesses and a nonprofit organization from Council Bluffs. There’s something for everyone, young or old. More than just discovering a unique gift or perhaps a remarkably inspirational one that was created by fellow Nebraskans and Iowans, you are supporting the local economy and your neighbors. Your holiday gift dollars are going to stay at home! Check out the creativity and quality (buying something for yourself is not prohibited!).

621 Gifts & Steaks

For this holiday season, 621 Gifts has expanded its selections to include top-of-the-line steaks produced at a family-owned farm, marketed in the renowned cattle country of south-central Nebraska and sold to two steakhouses. The steaks received rave reviews. 621 Gifts focuses on purposeful gifts that leave lasting impressions such as the new steak offering. Steasks

621 Gifts President Daniel Ludwig explained: “These aren’t the steaks you’ve found in the Omaha area. The steaks are aged for 35 days and are free of antibiotics and hormones. Quality is never compromised for volume as each steak is hand-cut. Steaks speak volumes as top-shelf luxury gifts for family, friends, and clients. Each package has been specially created for the 621 Gifts, and each package comes with an out-of-this-world accompaniment of Signature Seasoning. When we tried these steaks, they were the most tender and flavorful we’d ever had.

“Our goal is to always bring something new to keep our clients excited about ways they can give unique gifts. When we tried these steaks, they were the most tender and flavorful we’d ever had. Truly a cut above the rest,” said 621 Gifts President, Daniel Ludwig.

The Smoked Salman, an internet celebrity has been a meat connoisseur for years, cooked the beef products and called them ‘crazy good,’ the best steaks he’s tasted in years.”

621 Gifts’ offerings come from small businesses and artisan makers across America. Of course, that means 621 Gifts’ unique offerings, which include a wide range of snacks, beverages, and sweets, are not mass-produced and cannot be found in big-chain stores. Dan added: “Our goal is to bring something new to keep our clients excited about ways they can give unique gifts.”

To order, go to

Jen Landis and Pincurl Girls

Want to inspire any girl from 4 to 40 – or from 8 to 80? Consider gifting her with a positive Pincurl Girl wall calendar, art print, bracelet, wall decal or custom gift. Once you set your eyes on a Pincurl Girl image, you’ll fall in love. Pincurl Girl products combine soft, beautiful artwork with pithy, inspirational themes and are designed to encourage all girls to reach for their dreams, stay positive and learn to think good thoughts about themselves. “Do what you love; love what you do;” “Don’t be normal, be amazing;” “Love. Anything is possible if you try;” “You are beautiful inside and out.”


Jen Landis, creative director and owner of Pincurl Girls, explains her passion to lift up others: “I am an artist and dreamer who loves to feel happy. The Pincurl Girl line started as a private journey because I was struggling with self-doubt and anxiety about being perfect or the fear of messing up. Now, I have learned, it’s OK to make mistakes and know anything is possible. Success and happiness are within your grasp if you simply believe in yourself. I want Pincurl Girls to encourage each girl to know she is uniquely beautiful and strong. I want to see girls become courageous, focus on their dreams and remain positive and true to themselves, while also eliminating all the self-doubt. Pincurl Girls is a warm reminder: You are loved, and you can do whatever you set your mind to!”

Daniel Kenney Books

Daniel Kenney may be the most prolific children’s book author in Omaha, having written or co-authored 22 books as a stay-at-home dad. The multi-tasking dad has a supportive wife, eight great children, one gecko and two very lost toads. His offerings are for parents, teachers, librarians and book professionals looking for ridiculously fun books for 7- to 12-year-olds. Daniel’s latest writing project, crafted while he was dealing with dirty diapers and midnight feedings, makes for a perfect gift for any family.

Seriously great. My kids read books by this author quickly because they love them so much! We give them to other kids as birthday presents too. ~ Miranda M. Burt

Daniel’s most recent creation, The History Mystery Kids Book Series, with three new books, is a must-read. Daniel explains: “It is an exciting time-travel series that explores American history by taking readers back in time to each state. ‘Fiasco in Florida’ is the first book and is intended for children who have already been reading chapter books and are ready for something more advanced.”

The entire new series from Daniel Kenney:

Daniel Kenney History Mystery Kids    Daniel Kenney History Mystery Kids    Daniel Kenney Books    Daniel kenney books

Dan is the co-author of the hit detective series, “The Math Inspectors,” and the
author/illustrator behind the successful “Big Life of Remi Muldoon” series. He writes funny books for smart kids, and his titles include “The Beef Jerky Gang,” “Pirate Ninja” and “Katie Plumb & The Pendleton Gang.”

Daniel Kenney books can be purchased locally at The Bookworm, on Amazon or at

Stay tuned for more!

When he’s not writing, and those eight zany kids aren’t driving Daniel nuts, he is busy with his other passion, traveling the world by jetpack!

St. Paul’s Music Conservatory Christmas Music CD

Whether St. Augustine really said it or not in the 5th century, it’s true: Those who sing, pray twice. The Music Conservatory of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has bundled 17 songs – 34 awesome musical Christmas prayers, by St. Augustine’s count – to create an extra special holiday season feeling with its first Christmas music CD, “The Christmas Album: Volume 1.”

Musicians associated with the nonprofit St. Paul’s Lutheran Music  Conservatory in Council Bluffs, Iowa, worked for months to contribute to the 17 instrumental and vocal tracks that were recorded in Council Bluffs. 316 Strategy Group, a digital media company in Omaha, were among those who provided their expertise in the CD production.

“Each and every track is a true blessing.” ~ 316 Strategy Group

The CDs already have been delivered to Hy-Vee grocery stores and other area businesses, including the Olive BranchLidgett MusicDietze MusicSchmitt Music Omahathe Omaha BakerySaint John Lutheran Church of Council BluffsHeartland Christian SchoolSt. Paul’s Lutheran Church and St. Paul’s Lutheran Early Childhood.

As a service to the church and community, the purpose of the Music Conservatory at 239 Frank Street, is to offer private music lessons taught by Christian instructors in a Christian environment. Opportunities for development in musical leadership and performance are also available. Private studio lessons include instruction in the cello, guitar, organ, and piano.

Rona Empfield and Reflections of Truth

Rona Empfield is a faithful Christian and wonderfully skilled photographer who takes nature images and matches them with Bible verses and inspirational sayings on postcards, greeting cards, magnets and more.

In recent months, Rona has created an inspirational gift series – the new Collector’s Stand – for homebound seniors. “Among the many striking photos that caught my eye was one of the sunset over the Platte River, north of Minden, in south-central Nebraska. You can feel God’s peace,” said Julie Buresh, nature lover & business owner.

Reflections of Truth creates unique Christian gifts to protect your heart and mind while strengthening your faith in the Lord. Reflections of Truth crafts faith-building and encouraging gifts called Photographics of H*E*L*P that are available in photo magnets and greeting “magnet” cards.” You can benefit from reflecting on The Truth – God’s Word – that is in our Photographics of H*E*L*P as you live a life of faith in Christ.

Each design is original and has been made with photography from our private collection and combined with God’s truth. Photographics of H*E*L*P is designed to fill you with a hope that encourages and reminds you of the love and promises of God that are freely available to you. You can place Photographics of H*E*L*P in areas where you frequent most at home, as well as your workplace.

“They make great gifts to benefit family and friends. What a blessing they can be as Christmas gifts.”

Ordering from Reflections of Truth is easy!
Ordering: Online only through website
Phone:  308.660.2063
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