The Omaha Bakery to Provide Sweet Options for Oklahoma Joe’s Omaha


The Omaha Bakery is partnering with Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ on two new desserts!  How sweet it is! Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Cue Omaha will be adding to its menu by partnering with The Omaha Bakery for two new dessert selections, cinnamon caramel apple hand pies and gluten-free brownies. The launch date is scheduled for Monday, April 22.

“I am super excited,” said Michelle Kaiser, owner of The Omaha Bakery that was voted No. 1 in the 2018 Omaha’s Choice Awards. Michelle has fashioned an extensive award-winning culinary career that first flourished in New York City during the 1980s and 1990s after she completed the six-month program at the New York Culinary Arts and Management School.

“We’ve been in Omaha-area coffee shops and breakfast cafes. But for The Omaha Bakery, this is our first time in a high-end restaurant such as Oklahoma Joe’s Omaha, which has a fabulous following and great reputation. Oklahoma Joe’s is putting our name on their menus, and we’ve developed a special process to decorate the hand pies with the name ‘Joe’s.’ Oklahoma Joe’s also is a vendor at the popular Aksarben Farmers’ Market, and they’ll be promoting The Omaha Bakery with our hand pies every Sunday when the farmers’ market runs from May 5 to Oct. 13.”

In a written statement, Oklahoma Joe’s Omaha Managing Partner John Sgourakis said: “Oklahoma Joe’s, though a franchise, is locally owned and operated, so we are thrilled to partner and support The Omaha Bakery, a locally owned and operated business with fantastic products.”

We are thrilled to partner and support The Omaha Bakery, a locally owned and operated business with fantastic products. ~ John Sgourakis, Oklahoma Joe’s Managing Partner 

The businesses are located in central Omaha, about a six-minute drive apart. The Omaha Bakery is at 608 South 72nd Street, north of the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Oklahoma Joe’s is at 1912 South 67th Street in Aksarben Village, about a block north of the Aksarben Cinema.

Omaha Bakery Oklahoma Joe'sWhile the cinnamon caramel apple hand pie will be available most of the year, Michelle plans to offer seasonal hand-pie favorites, such as peach raspberry, peach and strawberry rhubarb on a limited basis when the fruits are available. Oklahoma Joe’s will serve the hand pies warm with an ice cream option.

“Oklahoma Joe’s was interested in KETO and gluten-free products, and the demand is high for those desserts. The gluten-free brownies will be ideal for their customers. In terms of products, we are starting small and will have to see where it takes us. As far as numbers go, there will be weekly orders. The quantity will vary, just as we expect. We will keep up a fresh volume,” said Michelle, who made the first connection with Oklahoma Joe’s Omaha management four or five months ago.

“There are so many Oklahoma Joe’s restaurants, and they are well-known. I was told that another Oklahoma Joe’s location has been ordering locally produced dessert items and found a good demand. We plan to be part of something really good that also helps grow our brand. In addition to providing desserts for Oklahoma Joe’s, we’ll have a presence in the Old Market’s Farmers’ Market this year. It’s fantastic – we feel blessed because we’re keeping busy.”

Omaha marketing executive Joe Kenney is responsible for Kaiser’s re-brand & has worked with Michelle in all aspects of her operation. “The Omaha Bakery-Oklahoma Joe’s Omaha arrangement is a terrific move for both successful businesses. They’ll make each other stronger as well as providing patrons with even more choices,” said Joe, the  president of 316 Strategy Group, Nebraska’s leader in social media management and recognized nationally for its bottom-line marketing results.

After Michelle changed her business’s name from Alotta Brownies to The Omaha Bakery and moved from Fremont to Omaha in 2016, The Omaha Bakery expanded to double its space in fall 2017 at its home on the west side of 72nd Street. On Feb. 12, 2018, the Food Network selected Michelle to appear on one of its shows, The Spring Baking Championships. She has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Omaha World-Herald, Des Moines Register, Fremont Tribune, Omaha, Wedding Essentials, Nebraska Wedding Day and Omaha Magazine.