The TOP TEN Cupcakes in Omaha

The TOP TEN Cupcakes in Omaha
TOP TEN cupcakes in Omaha

Looking for the TOP TEN Cupcakes in Omaha? Of course you are! Happy National Cupcake Lover’s Day!

TOP 10 Cupcakes in Omaha

Cupcake Omaha

Four years ago this month, Mockingbird Cupcakes closed their doors in Omaha, and the symbolic weight of that development was crushing to us and for cupcake fans throughout the Omaha metro area. Mockingbird was special in so many ways not the least of which was the unusual grittiness of their cupcakes and of course the back story of two sisters gaining stardom on national television and launching a bakery right here in the metro area. The closure was devastating to us but what did it mean for the cupcake market in the Omaha metro? Was the death of the cupake finally upon us? Could the market no longer bear another cupcake joint? With baked goods like the cronut and the macaroon taking over, it was an easy fate to accept. But then the fog lifted and something magical happened.

Perhaps the “cupcake trend” wasn’t over in Omaha — it was evolving and Mockingbird was a casualty along the way.

Our team has reviewed cupcakes throughout the country. We’ve interviewed Food Network stars and sampled products from the hit series Cupcake Wars and it’s safe to say, many cupcakeries have perfected the ‘Cupcake’.

Keto Cupcakes in Omaha

Keto Cupcakes at The Omaha Bakery

In honor of National Cupcake Lover’s Day, we thought it would be fun to publish our local list of the TOP ten best Cupcake places in Omaha. To rank cupcakes, menu variety was the first set of criteria we looked at, followed by overall cupcake presentation. Rankings of the TOP ten Omaha Cupcakes were determined based upon overall consistency and artistic creativity. We also looked at their social media presence, how engaged they were with their communities. We then turned to online reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook to help us determine just how satisfied customers were with their cupcake experience. Finally, we did not consider a national chain like Gigis. (Price was not a consideration in the these rankings.)

Mockingbird Cupcakes will forever be #1 in our hearts but without further ado and with the help of our esteemed colleagues, we present to you the:

TOP TEN BEST Cupcakes in Omaha:

#1 – Cupcake Island – Omaha’s first cupcake shop! Wide selection with mini versions of most varieties, too. Seasonal varieties are out of this world!

#2 – Cupcake Omaha – Never a disappointment. An Omaha staple with two locations. The Salted Nut Roll Cupcake is quite possibly the best individual cupcake in Omaha.

#3 – The Omaha Bakery – Featured on The Food Network. Omaha’s leader in KETO desserts.

#4 – Hardee Coffee Co. – Unusual flavor options and baked to perfection.

#5 – Jones Bros. – Two locations in Omaha. Wide selection of cupcakes and the atmospheres are on point.

#6 – Whisk & Measure Specialty Bakery & Coffee Shop – Occasionally offers gluten free & vegan options.

#7 – Sweet Magnolia’s Bake Shop – Science & artistry in Omaha’s coziest bake shop.

#8 – Omaha Cake Design –  One location on 84th and Q.

#9 – Cake Creations – They’ve made the ‘Cake Pop’ a thing in Omaha. One location near 119th & Pacific.

#10 – Omaha Cake Gallery – Iconic Omaha bakery with one location near 84th and Center.


Mocking Bird Cupcakes

Omaha Town Square at Mockingbird Cupcakes in 2015.